Behaviour Support

We believe in the dignity of the human being and that the self esteem of the child should have priority. Each member of our school community has rights, along with those rights comes responsibilities. Ultimately individuals should develop self-discipline and the skills and strategies to make responsible, healthy and informed choices in a safe environment.

The aim of our Behaviour Support policy is to ensure that at St Lawrence Primary School we provide children with experiences that allow them to develop the personal and social skills in order to support them in their interactions within our school and the wider community. We endeavour to develop the qualities of respect and acceptance for self and others, resilience within students and decision making skills that enable students to make responsible choices and to accept the consequences of their choices, actions and decisions. Our school-wide procedures enable everyone at St Lawrence School to deliver a consistent approach to behaviour support.

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Through our Positive Behaviour for learning program children:

-Participate in explicit lessons each week to learn positive behaviours

-Are engaged in lessons and shown videos of their peers modelling the expected behaviours.

The language of our school expectations is embedded in classroom programs; We are learning to be Safe, Responsible and Respectful.

Students are encouraged and praised when they follow the school expectations.  Positive choices are reinforced using our school raffle ticket system. These can be earned by students both in the playground and the classroom. The behaviour skills for which students receive these reinforcements, can be found on our school behaviour matrix.

We believe that by helping students practise good behaviour, we will build a school community where all students have an environment where they feel safe and can succeed and grow.


At St Lawrence Primary School we value positive and inclusive relationships where we learn to love ourselves, others and God. We believe we should give back by striving to be safe, responsible and respectful members of our school and the wider community.