Language – Bahasa Indonesian

At St Lawrence Primary School, we teach Bahasa Indonesian.

Students, education support staff and classroom teachers are learners of the Indonesian language in and around our school. Together, we learn and practise using the kind of language that is needed to communicate in everyday situations, both at school and outside of school.

Some of the phrases we have been learning to use include: ‘Boleh saya minum?’ (May I have a drink?), ‘Boleh saya minta…?’ (May I have…?), ‘Boleh saya pinjam…? (May I borrow…?). Our students are encouraged to use Indonesian greetings, single words and phrases whenever they can during class time.

We practise useful phrases together in our classrooms three times a week using instructional videos. Two units are on our website to show you one way that we practise our Indonesian.


Functional Language Clips