School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council promotes community development by fostering relationships between the parish, school and families.

The School Advisory Council provides a forum for discussion and discernment, where the voice of families and their perspective are available to inform and support decisions made by the principal and parish priest for the good of the school and parish. The Council operates within the context of the Terms of Reference (see below) and the school’s Vision Statement.
The Council is made up of the principal, parish priest (Custodian of Mission), parents of students, parishioners and a staff representative.
The role of the Council includes:
  • Articulating and enacting the school’s vision
  • Promoting the school’s Catholic ethos and culture
  • Promoting faith formation and development
  • Implementing school policies
  • Giving advice to the principal on issues such as enrolments
  • Engaging with the principal about financial matters

The School Advisory Council can be contacted by emailing