Leadership Programs

At St Lawrence Primary School we have mentoring programs to enhance student engagement and connectedness.

Student Leadership – All Grade 6 students are all involved in leadership teams. The areas of leadership include:

  • Social Justice
  • Arts
  • Sports
  • eLearning
  • Library
  • Environment
  • Student Wellbeing Team


“In the Social Justice team, we assist the Religious Education leader in preparing and running liturgies including doing the readings and offertory. We try to be good role models to others in our school about how they can show the Catholic values. We organised for our school to participate in the Winter Appeal and this is something we do each year. We try to set a good example for others in our school on how they can look after others.” – Herald, 2019


“In the Arts team we help the Art teachers (Performing Arts & Visual Arts) to organise events such as the Arts Show and St. Lawrence has Talent. We participate in different arts projects including the art contest for all students at our school. We also helped in preparing artwork for the Stations of the Cross to use for Easter Mass. We have opportunities to help out in the art room at the beginning and end of each day and sometimes we help other children in completing their art tasks. We have a meeting every Friday to discuss what we need to do and think of some projects that we could do.” – David, Elena & Zoe, 2019


“In the Sports Team we are responsible for collecting the equipment at the end of each lunchtime to make sure it is looked after. We work with the sports teachers to make sure that the balls are ready for people to play with the next day and that they are all pumped up. We got to work with the sports teachers and the children from Caroline Chisholm Catholic College to organise the Athletics Carnival and set up the equipment.” – Courage & Majak, 2019


“In the e-learning team we get to use our knowledge about technology to help others as well as helping the junior kids learn how to use St Lawrence’s posting app, Seesaw. We also help in Masses with the music and the slideshow. We learn new things about technology and our school while we are participating in school events.  It has been an honour working in a team that I have a strength in and I’m sure the e-learning team will agree, this team is a really fun team to be a part of.” -Cholo Custodio 2019


“In the Library team we work with Miss Maria and Miss Jodie to sort and organise the library and we help to locate missing books. Sometimes we have opportunities to read to the younger students and we get to use a selection of books that is good for their age and recommend the ones that we think they would like. We meet every Thursday to decide on our jobs for the week and to find anything that needs to be done. At the moment we are all working on our entries for a writing competition which Miss Maria and Miss Jodie have been helping us with.” – Ajak, 2019


“In the Environment Team, we participate in the Kids Teaching Kids Program which is really fun. We were able to present to other schools. At school, we work with some of the adults to look after the gardens by planting new plants and vegetables. We also helped to carry out a bin sorting activity to encourage our whole school to reduce their waste and use our school compost. At the moment we are building our own school Scarecrow to help protect our gardens and we developed signs to remind people in our school to take care of the environments around our school.” – Amber & Hazelle, 2019


In the Student Wellbeing team, we assist the Student Wellbeing leader in identifying Wellbeing needs within our school community and work together to develop plans that address these. We try to be good role models to others in our school about how they can follow our School PBL expectations of being Safe, Responsible and Respectful and we are working with the PBL team to develop and distribute rewards for following these.