Challenge Based Learning

At St Lawrence Primary School, we believe students need to have opportunities to build on their self management and independence as learners.

Students need to have opportunities to work collaboratively in teams and to see the links between their learning to real life problems. To help students develop these important life skills we have implemented the Challenge Based Learning framework from grades 3 – 6.

This framework has emerged from the “Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow – Today project” (2008) and has continued to evolve as Apple, Inc. have worked in collaboration with exemplary educators to further enhance and build the Challenge Based Learning framework.

We currently work with an Apple Distinguished Educator, who supports staff to build engaging, relevant and purposeful iTunes U courses to meet the needs of our students. The iTunes U course is an important first step in our Challenge Based Learning process, as it allows the students to access relevant and up to date information on their iPads, so that they build upon their knowledge and understanding around the content of their Inquiry learning.

The Challenge Based Learning framework provides students with a ‘call to action’ problem, in which they must respond with a solution. Collaboration and teamwork skills are essential when students work together to develop their solutions to real world problems and strive to make a difference in the world that they live in.