Adam Wallace visits St Lawrence

Adam Wallace is a well known author who writes many books of many different genres, such as Stick it to the Man, Horrific Tales of Horrific Horror, and many more. He is a great author and we were fortunate enough to meet him at St Lawrence. All grades were able to enjoy his visit, with his humour and exciting stories. He gave us drawing lessons and exciting challenges to overcome, some impossible, like drawing on top of your head.

A special quote he said was:

“People say they can only draw Stickmen, but as long as you can draw a circle, you can do a lot of things.”

This inspiring comment encouraged everyone to give his drawings a go. He is an inspiration to the younger generations by showing that circles are a big part in drawing lots of expressions with just a small change.

This is his second visit to our school, the first was in 2017. We appreciate him coming here, and hope to see him again with new books that will give the world a feeling of joy.

by Alex and Lachlan (on behalf of the Library Team).