The students in the Environment Team attended the ‘Kids Teaching Kids’ conference to learn about water conservation. These are their reflections:

I learnt that balloons are not good for the environment and that bubbles are best for the environment.  Caitlyn

I learnt that in the future penguins will probably live on plastic islands and to be grateful for toilets and sanitation. My favourite part of today was making bee hotels- a can wrapped with paper bark and with sticks, bamboo, leaves and other things inside. I believe if we do something like this at school we can have a deeper connection with the wildlife in our area. Carmela 

Today was really fun and educational. We learnt about sustainability and how to conserve water. Today I learnt lots of things about compost and worm bins. My favourite part was when my group made a wicking bed out of a watermelon. Kayla

Today I learnt that  an average human wastes approximately 161 L of water a day and that Cape Town ( In South Africa ) is approximately using only 25 L a day per day. From today I learnt that, coral bleaching can be caused by specific sunscreens that contain ingredients that can block the sun from helping to colour the corals. Today was really fun and I thought that most of the workshops had creative ideas and games.  Mia

This was a very fun learning experience for me and finding out what could happen to our world made me feel guilty for buying plastic from the store and not disposing the rubbish in the right bin but today was a very fun experience with all the others kids teaching each other something new. Today I learnt that it takes over 100 years to create a hollow in a tree. I learnt that balloons are not good for the environment and they take years to break up and through those years animals can eat the balloons and endanger themselves, but bubbles are better for the environment because they pop and don’t need time to break up.  Also animals don’t always have to live in a natural habitat created by the earth; we can create homes for bees. Adhel

It was a really fun experience and we learnt a lot form it, I hope in the future we change and make the world a cleaner place. The activities really lifted up my spirits to do something about the problems and it was really fun and I loved the activities. Something I learnt was that cardboard cannot be recycled into a different product only into cardboard.  Monica

At the educational conference, we learnt shocking statistics. For example, 1 in 3 schools don’t have toilets, 97% of water is salt water meaning 3% is fresh (but only one percent can be used) and that day zero might be approaching Cape Town (day zero is the day that all water will be gone). This conference has taught us to be grateful for things that seem ordinary for us. Today we went to Collingwood Children’s Farm. We did three activities, I learnt about a wicker system, coral and worms. I loved when we scooped out the inside of a watermelon to make a wicker system. I especially enjoyed when we saw pigs and a huge compost pile. I had a lot of fun playing games and learning facts, I learnt that sunscreen was bad for the ocean and that a worm has five hearts.  Lynh

Today was awesome. I hope that we become a 5 star Eco school. Over the last few days we have learnt about everything from pollution to bees. Seeing so many people our age come together to solve problems that so many people overlook was a real eye opener to the generation that we are growing up with. I really enjoyed it and I look forward to implementing some of it into our school.  Cameron